Etching can be done on a variety of items.  The machine we own, however, cannot etch PVC or Vinyl. Our machine can do up to a 12X24 piece.  We operate off of the programs of Corel, Photgrave & PhotoPaint via laptop.Therefore etching is not font or graphic limited. 
Let us turn your family memory into a showpiece!  We have the ability to scan pictures, take them from zip drives, picture CD, SD Cards, Facebook, and email.
There are many items that can be the main event in your home.Contact us today at or 812-430-1202 to help us make your next gift EXTRA SPECIAL!
***All Pricing is subject to change according to availability and cost.***            
12X12 Granite etched with your photograph- $50.00
6X6 Heart, Oval, Circle, or Square Granite etched with your photograph-$22.00